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Bananagrams for Practicing Sight Words and Other Ideas

Since M is learning to read, I have sight words on the brain a lot these days!  I’ve noticed that M second guesses herself quite often when practicing sight words or when she comes across them in a book, even if they are ones she knows.  To help her build confidence, I have been trying to make practicing them more fun.

One of the ways we have been practicing is using Bananagrams!  For those who are not familiar, it is a game similar to Scrabble, except each player builds their own grid of words using tiles.  For older kids and adults, it is so much fun and can be addicting!


For younger kids, the tiles are a perfect manipulative for practicing their sight words.  One afternoon recently M and I sat down at the kitchen table and dumped the bag of tiles on the table.  I set up our board of sight word we had been working on at one end of the table for “inspiration”.

We started by building words that we were comfortable with from the list – then ventured into spelling names and other words not on the list.  After awhile we started “testing” each other – one of us would close our eyes while the other built a word, when it was finished, we opened our eyes and tried to read the word.  This was a great way for me to sneak in a few extra words she wasn’t as comfortable with.


Unfortunately, the only way to learn sight words is by memorization.  However, there are great ways for your kids to practice without getting bored or frustrated.  Here are some other ideas I have used or plan to use in the near future:

Sight Word Practice Slap

Slap it! Fun sight word practice!

Sight Word Tallies


sight words dominoes

Word Hunt

What are your favorite ways to teach sight words?

4 thoughts on “Bananagrams for Practicing Sight Words and Other Ideas

  1. Love this method to reinforce sight words and am so glad I clicked over from Jennifer Dawn’s linkup.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Sight words is something my son gets so bored with. And as soon as he is bored he stops trying. These are some great ideas to get his attention and get him excited! I can’t wait to pull out the bananagrams!

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