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Our Advent Calendar (24 Christmas Activities and Acts of Kindness)

Advent Calendar Cover.png

It’s officially the Christmas season and I’m thrilled!  Christmas is my favorite time of the year, there is something really magical about it all and I soak up as much of it as possible.  My love of Christmas has already started to trickle down to the kids, making it even more fun than before!

One of the most important things for me about Christmas is being able to enjoy it all.  I don’t want to spend the month of December frantically trying to shop for the perfect gifts or waiting in line at crowded stores.  Instead, I want it filled with the sweet smells of baking, the sounds of Christmas carols and the laughter that inevitably follows.

It’s easy to see how kids can become wrapped up in the gift getting aspect of it all, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want them to have fun with it.  Watching the kids run to the Christmas tree in the morning to see what gifts were left for them is one of the best moments.

I just don’t want them to forget about everything else.

It is also just as easy for adults to forget about the true spirit of Christmas and why we celebrate each year.  So to help our family keep Jesus at the center of our Christmas festivities, I created a homemade Advent Calendar with a different Christmas activity each day.  Some are just for fun, others are random acts of kindness and a few are practical.

advent calendar.png

My hope is that you will find some inspiration in our list to use with your own family.  They are great ways to spend time together, keeping Christ in Christmas.  Almost all are simple, low-prep activities that do not have to cost a lot of money.

Our Advent Calendar

December 1 – Start the Jesse Tree

December 2 – Take hot chocolate to the Salvation Army volunteers

December 3 – Take annual picture with Santa

December 4 – Buy a toy for Toys For Tots

December 5 – Make ornaments for the tree

December 6 – Read “The Gift of the Magi”

December 7 – Donate food to the local food pantry

December 8 – Make an edible Christmas craft for a snack

December 9 – Make Thank You cards for our Librarians

December 10 – Make hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie

December 11 – Play Christmas BINGO

December 12 – Bring Christmas cookies to Church

December 13 – Make Christmas cards

December 14 – Send a hug in the mail to a relative who lives far away

December 15 – Make paper snowflakes and homemade snow

December 16 – Leave a treat for the mailman

December 17 – Drive around to look at Christmas lights

December 18 – Bake Christmas cookies

December 19 – Make gifts for Aunts and Uncles

December 20 – Make gifts for extended family

December 21 – Deliver gifts to the neighbors

December 22 – Sing Christmas Carols together

December 23 – Read The Nativity Story

December 24 – Visit nursing home to hand out cards

What are your thoughts?

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