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Summer Boredom Busters – Water Play: Washing the Car!

summer boredom busters

Thanks for joining us for our Summer Boredom Busters series!  We’ve been having fun with different activities this summer and if you’ve missed any of them, be sure to check them out at the bottom.


I’ll admit, this week’s activity was probably more for me than the kids but they had fun so that’s all that matters.  I have fond memories from growing up washing the cars outside with my parents and siblings.  Why not recreate that for my kids AND clean my car in the process?  It seemed like a win-win 🙂

While baby Q slept soundly in the shade, the kids and I took the hose, a few buckets of soapy water and washcloths and hit the driveway.  After I sprayed the car with water, J quickly gave up on actually washing the car and spent the majority of the time splashing around in the puddles that had formed on the driveway.  (Anyone else have a kid who is obsessed with muddy puddles thanks to Peppa Pig?)

M however, took her job very seriously and scrubbed the car with me.  We had a nice system – she cleaned the bottom half and I did the top where she couldn’t reach.  Even though she was having fun, she was also very clearly proud of the work she was doing.  She took pride in cleaning the car and liked that I let her be in charge of the hose to rinse it off.

Inspecting her work 😉

What I forgot to consider was that when the kids clean, things often end up slightly less then clean.  I’ll call the finished results “streaky dried soap clean”.  I’m certainly not complaining though, the kids were happy and the rain came the next day to help finish the job.

Afterwards M, a die-hard Cinderella fan, felt inspired to use her bucket of soapy water to scrub our driveway in the same fashion Cinderella scrubbed the floors.  I couldn’t help but laugh imagining what my neighbors thought as they drove by watching my little one scrubbing the floors.


If you’ve missed any of our other Summer Boredom Busters, check them out below.  I also have some fun ideas coming in the weeks ahead so be sure to follow me by email or on Facebook so you don’t miss any!

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