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Corduroy – BFIAR Preschool

Corduroy Cover

This post is long overdue but I’m finally getting around to posting about our adventures with Corduroy by Don Freeman.  I wanted to make sure to share our activities with this great book before putting up my overall review of Before Five in a Row.  The story of Corduroy naturally lent itself to a week filled with activities by kids loved!

As with all our Before Five in a Row books, we started the week by reading the story.  This book was already in our collection of stories and we had read it before but I don’t think the kids remembered it well.  M especially liked the story and followed along intently.  This was one of the BFIAR books that was read multiple times throughout the week.


I then set M up with a bowl full of colored buttons and a number of empty, smaller bowls.  She then sorted the buttons by color.  For added practice, we then counted the number of buttons in each bowl.



Once we were done playing with the buttons, we used them for a craft that doubled as a present M then gave my sister for her birthday (score!).  I had a few medium canvas’ in the house from another project so I took one of them and asked M what she would like to make.  She picked a heart so I drew the shape of a heart onto the canvas with a sharpie and she glued the buttons down to create her design.



For more sorting and counting practice this week, we took out our counting bears.  Using the cups that came with the bears, M and J worked together to sort the bears by color.  This was a great way to get J involved since the buttons were too small for him to work with earlier in the week.

Since these bears only come out during school hours, the kids always get excited and ask to play with them once our activity is done.  They made bear soup in their play kitchen and had a blast.  When they were finished, we collected all the bears and counted how many of each color we had.  It’s a great way to practice counting while making sure we aren’t missing any bears!

For a fun treat this week, I made the kids Teddy Bear Toast for breakfast one morning.  They love it when the food gets “fancy” and incorporates a theme or is simply different than normal.  It was an extra special treat for breakfast since there were a couple of chocolate chips on it.  No surprise, M and J thought that was the best part!



Inspired by images I saw on Pinterest, M and I made these cute Corduroy’s one afternoon while J was napping.  These ended up taking a lot longer than I expected since there were so many different parts of Corduroy to add on but M had fun.  M even wanted to cut out her own pieces which led to a very unique Corduroy, which is my opinion is even better.

Finally, I used the story of Corduroy to introduce the concept of money. M loves to play store and pick an amount to charge you but we haven’t really discussed the actual value of money (coins, bills, etc).  Using these printables, I printed out enlarged version of each coin plus the dollar bill.  I colored them in the correct color before showing M.  We went over each of the different coins and the dollar bill discussing their value.  She asked me to write the amount on the back of each to help her remember.

We then played store and tried to charge each other amounts that corresponded to the coins.  (For example: a book cost 5 cents, a toy 10 cents, etc. skipping any addition or subtraction).  After shopping, we played bank and took turns depositing our money in our account.  With each deposit, M would tell me the value of the coins/bills she was depositing.

I don’t except her to fully grasp the concept on money yet but thought this book provided a fun way to introduce it.

We definitely had fun this week with Corduroy.  Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you for your own little ones.  Be sure to check out the other BFIAR books we’ve rowed this year and stay tuned for our review of the overall curriculum coming soon!


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