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Summer Boredom Busters – Chalk Towns

summer boredom busters

As with life, I had to switch up our plans last minute for our next Summer Boredom Buster.  We had a week full of sporadic rain so our water balloon painting will have to wait for another week.  The upside of the rain was that it brought with it a few days of beautiful, cooler weather that I wanted to take advantage of before the heat comes back!  So I borrowed an idea from a good friend down the street and the kids and I spent one morning outside making our very own chalk town to play in.  Seriously, this could not be an easier activity… all you need in some chalk and a driveway or a relatively flat surface.

While the kids played outside, I started to draw the road that would serve as the basis for our town.  As soon as I started drawing, M and J came running to see what was going on.  I told them to start brainstorming the different “places” they wanted in town.  Bonus activity, once the road was a complete loop, J had a blast just running around in circles yelling “I’m running on your road mommy!”  Anything to get some of the endless energy out!!

J running laps

I then added all the places we wanted in town.  M and J got matching houses with a shared garage in the middle to house their vehicles (aka bikes).  The garage was made of a large cardboard box the kids have been playing with the last few days.  Our town also consisted of a supermarket, library, gas station and park.  Let me just say, there is absolutely no artistic talent needed for this activity.  If you’ve got it, go for it!  You can make your town as intricate and fancy as you’d like.  But if you’re like me, art is not my strong suit so most of our town consists of building made from squares and triangles.   I promise you, you’re kids will not care how accurate your town looks, just that it looks like fun!



The only thing left was to name our town.  We came up with Bananaville and that was it!  The kids hopped on their bikes and drove around town.  M was careful to stay “on the road” while J did a little “off roading”.

Chalk Town

Even baby Q got involved in the fun when we named him the Mayor of Bananaville.  He took his job of overseeing the play very seriously 🙂


One of my favorite moments was probably when J decided to take a break at our “park.”  He sat right down on the drawing of the swings and asked for a push.  Then scooted along down the pretend slide.  I’m always in awe watching their imagination at work.


The nice part of this activity is that once it’s drawn, it lasts as long as you want it to (or until the next rain!).  We can easily go back and forth from our chalk town to other activities.  Next time we go outside, it’s already ready for play!

Make sure to follow along throughout the summer for all our Summer Boredom Busters.  Follow me on Facebook or by email so you don’t miss any of them!  Each Monday I’ll be sharing a new activity.  If you haven’t already, check out the last few weeks also.

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