Join us for Summer Boredom Busters – Easy Bird Feeders for Little Ones

summer boredom busters

A few short weeks ago, our little boy was born!  Baby Q is doing great and his big sister and brother are really embracing their roles and having fun with it.  Baby Q is already such a blessing to our family, it’s hard to remember what life was like as a family of 4.  While we are getting to know our newest family member, I still want to make sure we make the most of the summer with M and J.  Since a newborn tends to keep us a little closer to home than usual, I’m going to try to make things extra fun without having to drive anywhere.

To do this, I have a big list of mostly free, mostly outdoor activities that should keep us entertained throughout the summer.  My only goal with this endeavor is to hear M and J squeal with laughter and make memories.  Each week, I’ll be sharing one of our activities for you to do with your families.  Whether you’re home with the kids all summer or working and want to make the most of the weekends, these activities are easy to replicate and will be sure to make lasting memories with your family.

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Recently, we have discovered a handful of bird’s nest in our backyard.  They have taken up residence under our deck, in a birdhouse and even in a wreath we had been storing in the garage.  The kids have had a blast watching the birds, especially the mama bird who protectively sat on her nest until her babies were born.


M has been asking for awhile if we could get birdseed for our new neighbors so this week we decided to make bird feeders to put outside for them to enjoy.  While it does get a little messy making them, M and J were both able to do it and had fun.  J even decided to taste test the birdseed – he did not like it! 🙂

To make these bird feeders, you will need:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Peanut butter
  • Bird seed
  • Plastic knife
  • String

Using kids plastic knives, I put a large scoop of peanut butter on each of the toilet paper rolls.  The kids then used the knives to spread it out to cover the entire roll.



Once the roll was covered, they rolled it in a pan filled with bird seed to coat them.  We then tied string through the middle of the roll so they could be hung out outside.  The kids ran around the yard, thinking long and hard about the best places to hang up our bird feeders.



Not only did the kids like making the bird feeders, they loved going outside the next day to find almost all of them had been completely eaten!  The only thing that would improve this project would be if the toilet paper rolls could be used repeatedly but once they are empty, they are also soggy.

Even without your own backyard nests, your kids will enjoy getting messy with the peanut butter and feeding the birds in your neighborhood.

Don’t forget to join me each Monday throughout the summer for more fun ideas to do with your little ones.

Week 1: Easy Bird Feeders

Week 2: Water Play – Pretend Dish Washing

Week 3: Chalk Towns

Week 4: Ice Excavations

Week 5: Cotton Ball Painting

Week 6: Homemade Popsicles

Week 7: Giant Bubbles

Week 8: Water Play – Washing the Car

Week 9: Sun melted Crayons

Week 10: Obstacle Course


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