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I Am an Artist and Earth Day – BFIAR Preschool


Last Friday was Earth Day and we decided to make the most of it by celebrating throughout the week with a book that does just that – celebrate the beauty of nature.  Using Pat Lowery Collins’ I Am an Artist, we explored all the ways nature provides us with works of art.  When planning for Earth Day, I saw so many cute projects and ideas on Pinterest and other blogs but most would have had us inside creating images and crafts of what it was like outside.  As much as we love crafts around here, I realized that the best (and easiest!) way to celebrate the Earth was to simply get outside and experience all it has to offer.  So we did 🙂

Using the narrative of the book, here’s how our week went:

I am an artist when I follow a line where is leads me.

We didn’t actually do anything related to this, but I really enjoyed that after we read the first page M responded with “Just like Pocahontas, when she follows where the wind leads!”

I am an artist when I find a face in a cloud.

Finding images in clouds is one of our favorite pastimes, especially when we are in the car on nice days.  We’ve played this countless times and I’m always impressed by how quickly their imagination lets them see creatures and images of any shape or size.  If you haven’t already, I highly recommend trying this with your kids – you don’t need anything except a few clouds in the sky and your imagination.  The answers they come up with are always entertaining 🙂


I am an artist when I look through a sun shower for a rainbow.  I am an artist when I find one.

Rainbows are always a big deal around here and there is no shortage of rainbow craft ideas out there.  Even though it rained this week, we didn’t get to see any actual rainbows.  Instead, we made our own using this idea I had seen around St. Patrick’s day but never got around to making.  As usual, M had her own vision for her rainbow and decided it would look better with mixed colors… here’s a peak at it before it was finished.


I am an artist when I shoot water loops in the air with the hose.

I didn’t manage to get a picture of them but the weather was nice enough this week that M and J spent a lot of time outsides playing in water – pushing boats around in a shallow water pool, pretending to wash dishes in a big filled bin or just splashing each other.  Both M and J would probably pick this as their new favorite pastime and I’ll admit, it might be mine too.  Letting them play in water on the deck provides endless entertainment for them while giving me a few minutes to fold laundry or get dinner started.

I am an artist when I cut an apple to see the star inside.

Apples are an (almost) daily snack around here so one afternoon instead of simply slicing up the apple, I cut it in half and M was amazed to see that there was actually a star inside!  The look on her face was pretty priceless.


I am an artist … when I blow on a full-blown milkweek and it splinters into tiny white puffs. 

I am an artist whenever I look closely at the world around me.

M actually requested this activity herself, remembering that last year around Earth Day we did a nature based scavenger hunt.  So this year, I printed out a checklist of things in nature for her to hunt for.  We actually ended up doing this twice throughout the week.  First, we invited her friends to meet us at the park and they set off exploring.  Later in the week, M and J did the same scavenger hunt in our backyard.







They found: a flower, water, rocks, a green leaf, a brown leaf, a tree, grass, a bird, dirt, a cloud, an ant, tree bark and a butterfly (decoration)

They couldn’t find: a spiderweb, a fern or a bug (other than the ant)


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