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Katy No Pocket – BFIAR Preschool


We recently finished Katy No Pocket by Emmy Payne and we had so much fun rowing this one!  It’s a story about a kangaroo who doesn’t have a pocket to hold her young so she searches for alternate ways to carry her baby.  She ends up seeing a man with an apron that has tons of pockets, finding the perfect solution!  Naturally, our activities gravitated towards kangaroos and their environment.  Here’s a look at our adventures through Australia.


M worked on a number of activities from the lapbook over at Homeschool Creations.  She sorted pictures of animal families, made a mini book about kangaroo facts, did some silly kangaroo songs and worked on the letter K.




After we read the book, we talked about how it took place in Australia.  We then found Australia on the world map that is hung up in our kitchen.  She quickly noticed how far away from us it was and we discussed why we can’t drive there.  We then tried to come up with ways we could get to Australia, including on a boat or a plane.

After reading the book one afternoon, we talked about all the different ways animals carry their young.  A special built-in pocket seemed like the coolest way.

We also talked about how kangaroos aren’t the only animal that is native only to Australia.  Using a bunch of books from the library, we were introduced to other Australian animals, including koalas, wombats and emus.  Some of our favorites included:

For a fun treat, one day I made the kids a Kangaroo Lunch using pita bread, turkey, cheese and assorted veggies.  Award winning art it was not, but it was a huge hit with the kids!  Had I just made an ordinary sandwich, they probably would have eaten only a fraction of it.

For a craft this week, we used this great idea for inspiration in making our own Australian Wattle.  M loves anything about flowers so she really enjoyed looking up pictures of this national flower and recreating her own version of it.



Something we did this week that I haven’t really done before was include a few episodes of a show about a related topic.  Using our Amazon Prime account, we watched two Wild Kratts episodes that revolved around Australian animals.  It was a nice way to add a little extra in without the kids realizing it 🙂  We watched Wild Kratt’s: Kickin’ it with the Kangaroos and Platypus Cafe.


This was definitely one of our favorite Before Five in a Row adventures so far!  M really got into each activity and the whole week took on a mind of its own and sent us down some fun paths!

I hope you’ll stop by for our next adventure, If Jesus Came to My House.

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