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Making a Pollock – a Preschool Art idea


Jackson Pollock was an influential American painter who was the driving force behind the Abstract Expressionist movement.  He perfected a technique known as “drip painting”, creating masterpieces that were both beautiful and chaotic at the same time.  Here’s a small sampling of his work…

Recently, we found a fun and easy way to create our very own Pollock paintings.

While I don’t expect M to remember the name Jackson Pollock or understand the idea of abstract expressionist art, I don’t think those are reasons enough not to expose her to the idea of different ways to create art.  My hope is that in doing this I can cultivate a love of creativity, sparking her curiosity and encouraging her to explore things further.

To do this project, you will need:

  • Covered box of some sort (we used a cardboard box that was easily discarded afterwards)
  • Washable paint in a variety of colors
  • Marble
  • Black paper  (slightly thicker would probably work best)
  • Smock (optional, but strongly recommended!)

To start, cut your black paper to fit the bottom of your box.

Then we dropped a bunch paint splatters in a variety of colors on the paper.

Drop in the marble and put the cover on the box.  *This could probably be done just as well without a cover, however it would make for a much messier project!

Have your child pick up the box and shake, shake, shake!  I thought I had an action shot of M making her masterpiece but it’s M.I.A. for now 🙂

We peaked in a few times to see how our painting was coming out.  Each time, M felt it needed more.  She had so much fun with this technique, especially hearing the marble bouncing around.  Even though I don’t usually worry about what the final piece looks like, I was pleasantly surprised at how pretty it came out!



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