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Ask Mr. Bear – BFIAR Preschool


Next up on our adventures with Before Five in a Row is Ask Mr. Bear by Marjorie Flack.  This is a cute story about a little boy who can’t figure out what to get his mom for her birthday.  All the animals he encounters offer him something but nothing seems right until Mr. Bear gives him the perfect idea!

We read through the book a few times during the week and M thought it was pretty funny.  She also worked on the corresponding lapbook from  M used printout cards to match up each animal with the object that comes from it (i.e. cow – milk), made a card for Danny’s mother with a bear hug inside and matched the animals with the correct noises.

We also discussed problem solving and different ways to solve a problem.  We came up brainstorming ideas, asking others for ideas or help and using trial and error.  These discussions came in handy later in the week when I gave M a “problem” to solve.

M had fun playing out the story using our small animal figurines also.  M improvised with some animals since we didn’t have all of them.  She spent an entire afternoon with them set up, acting out different situations and even J got in on the fun after his nap.



Since M loves anything birthday-related, naturally our discussions flowed into birthday talk often.  We went through each month of the year and figured out which family members had birthdays in each month.  Luckily for us, my sister-in-law had a birthday coming up soon and it provided the perfect “problem” for M to solve.

Since we had already talked about problem solving, I put M in charge of figuring out what to get her Aunt for her birthday.  Adorably, she spent a good amount of time thinking about it before deciding that the perfect gift would be a handmade beaded necklace and bracelet.  During J’s nap, I helped her set up all the materials needed and she got to work.  She actually ended up making a matching set for herself too!  The present was a big hit with her Aunt and I could see how proud M was of her work.

We had fun rowing Ask Mr. Bear this week, especially since J got involved in some of our activities.  As he gets bigger, there’s no leaving him out of it anymore!

Up next, Katy No Pockets.

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