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Goodnight Moon – BFIAR Preschool


We recently finished rowing Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and it was the first book from Before Five in a Row that we were already familiar with.  However the familiarity only added to our enjoyment and M had fun trying to read it herself based on the pictures.  This is truly one of the classics that I imagine makes an appearance at some point in most childhoods.

The beautiful thing about this story is its simplicity was perfect for both M and J to enjoy.  They both requested it be read multiple times throughout the week!

M also worked on the lapbook from  She made a mini-book about balloons in different colors, learned the rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle” and made a another mini-book based on her memory of the rhyme, played a sorting game about the three little bears and practiced matching rhyming words.


The sorting game using the three little bears was her favorite part and she came up with a different way to play it each time.  The first time, she matched up each bear (Daddy, Mommy and Baby Bear) with their correct bed and bowl of porridge.  Then she sorted by object and by the end, was making up silly pairings such as Daddy bear in Baby bear’s bed.  She thought it was hysterical to mix them up!


Since we still hadn’t completed our Outer Space themed box from Green Kid Crafts, I figured it would tie in nicely to this week.  I didn’t get many pictures of us working on it, but our favorite activities involved making Mars sand and experimenting with it.  We mixed it with different liquids and found that it stayed dry even when under water.  Even after we froze some overnight, it didn’t freeze!  The box came with a mini martian figurine that added to the fun for M.

We also created our own planetarium and M really liked seeing the constellations on her wall.   We made The Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, The Lion and The Hunter.  The weather cooperated enough this week that M and her dad were able to go outside one night to look for the actual constellations.  This has been a favorite activity of theirs since she was little and I imagine will continue to be.


If you’re looking for other ideas to go along with this book, there are so many out there!  We simply didn’t have the time to incorporate them all.

Up next, Ask Mr. Bear!

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