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My 2016 Reading List


Even though it’s already March, I figure better late than never.  Instead of resolutions this year, I sat down I made a list of goals for myself.  New Years resolutions have a way of quickly losing steam and never fully getting accomplished but goals seem more attainable.  There is a specific end point once that goal is reached.

For each area of importance in my life, I tried to purposefully set 2 – 3 goals for the year.  In the “for myself” category, I am aiming to read at least 12 books this year.  There was a time before kids that I would devour at least a book per week and although the passion for reading is still there, the time for it seems scarce.  But in an effort to spend time on myself each day so that I may be more for those around me, reading has a place.

The following books are my starting point since I always come across new titles or authors that peak my interest throughout the year.  If you’re looking for some reading inspiration, maybe you’ll find it below…

1. Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I’m not usually one to go for the books on the best sellers list but this one reminded me of Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl, Dark Place, etc.) and I’ve really enjoyed her books.

2. Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil by John Berendt

This one is different from most books that I read but after spending a wonderful anniversary weekend in Savannah with my husband and hearing this book references multiple times per day, I couldn’t help but add this to the list.  I loved the city of Savannah, its history and intriguing inhabitants and this book is based on actual events that transpired there.

3. Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly

After reading Rediscover Catholicism last year and really feeling a longing to deepen my faith, I’m using this easy to read book as a spiritual guide-per se throughout Lent this year.

4. Tricky Twenty Two by Janet Evanovich

I’m a sucker for anything written by Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum novels are at the top of the list.  Entirely fluff, this author has a way to make me actually laugh out loud when reading.  Although extremely enjoyable, it’s also a quick read, which sometimes is all I have time for!

5. Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph

I’ve stumbled upon Courtney Joseph and her truly encouraging online bible study Good Morning Girls.  In her book, she offers a practical approach to “fostering your faith, building your marriage, training your children, and creating a haven for your family.”

6. Education of the Child by Rudolph Steiner

7. The Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolph Steiner

These books made the list after a recommendation from a dear family member whose opinion I respect greatly.  As I navigate the world of teaching our children at home, especially early childhood, I am drawn towards certain methods of teaching.  Rudolph Steiner and his philosophy are the basis for the Waldorf schools.  In depth understanding of different philosophies will only enhance our learning environment at home so I’m hoping (fingers crossed) to get these two read before I finalize planning for next school year.

8. The Girl in the Spider Web by David Lagercrantz

Stieg Larsson introduced the world to Lisbeth Salander with his trilogy of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and to say I devoured them is probably an understatement.  Although the content can be off putting to some, I found his writing and character development to be some of the best I’ve read.  Continuing his legacy is David Lagercrantz and while I find it hard to believe he will live up to the standard set by Larsson, knowing he is publishing a continuation of these stories with the blessing of Larsson’s family lets me know that it’s something I want to read.

To reach my goal of at least 12 books this year, I’ll have to add a few more titles to the list.  What books are you looking forward to reading or have you already read a great one you’d recommend?

Looking for more inspiration?  Check out my reading list from last year!

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