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The Snowy Day – BFIAR Preschool


I’m late with the posting but here’s a peak at our Snowy Day fun!  Last month we finally had some snow around here (yay!), so I thought The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats would be an appropriate selection for our Before Five in a Row book.  We had fun reading through the book but even more fun living it out.  This book got us up and outside more than any other book so far.


As we read through the story, M was excited as she compared her recent snow day with the boy from the book.  Afterwards, we discussed all the fun activities you can do in the show – most of which we had checked off our list already.  This included helping daddy shovel, making snow angels, going sledding with friends and building a snow man to name a few.

Helping Daddy shovel
M built a snowman family with her aunt and uncle who came to visit!

We also talked about how you can sometimes see different animal tracks in the snow.  We checked our backyard since we have been known to get some furry creatures roaming about but couldn’t find anything except our dog’s!

For a craft, we made a few different kinds of snowflakes thanks to our Arctic themed box from Green Kid Crafts.  You could make both of these projects with your kids using items you probably have in the house already!

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

We took round coffee filters and folded them in half, then in half again.  After talking about the different shapes we could put on our snowflakes, J went with a mix of all the shapes and M chose diamonds only.  I cut out the shapes for them and then laid the filter out on a covered surface.  The kids had a blast painting it with water color paints (which was a convenient tie-in to the story, since the illustrations are partially done in watercolors).  Once they were dry, we selected windows throughout the house to hang them up in.

The best part of this project was that both M and J spent almost an hour painting their snowflakes!  Rarely does one activity keep both of them so entertained.  It’s also been fun to watch J start to join in on the fun.

SnowyDay2 SnowyDay1

Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

This craft we did while J was napping one afternoon since I don’t fully trust him to use the beads instead of trying to eat them.  Using pipe cleaners, we twisted 3 in half to make the shape of a snowflake with 6 points.  Then M took a bowl full of beads and added them to each point however she wanted.  This was a great exercise for fine motor skills too!  We then added some string and she hung one up in her room and one in her brothers.


For another fun snowy activity, check out what we did last winter when we brought some of the snow inside!

cover picture

It seems like we had been waiting all winter for some snow.  I’m glad we got to row this book on a week we actually had some snow to enjoy with it!

Check out our next Before Five in a Row adventure, Goodnight Moon.


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