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Prayer for a Child – BFIAR Preschool


Our latest Before Five in a Row book that we’ve rowed was Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field.  It was the first book that I needed to purchase since I couldn’t find a copy through our local library but after reading it, it’s a great addition to our home library!  This book is quite literally, a prayer expanded into a sweet book.

When we read the story the first time, we discussed how it was an actual prayer said before going to sleep.  This was a great jumping point for us since M has been really interested in God and if he hears us when we pray and if he answer us.  My not-so-little 3 year old has some BIG questions about life and it has been an interesting but rewarding field to navigate.


M then made her own prayer hands.  I traced her hands and cut them out to make a booklet of sorts.  I then asked her what she wanted to thank God for and listed each answer on a separate finger.  When we were done, we had 10 things to pray for!


The next day when we worked on the lapbook from  We cut out the pictures provided and used them to create a collage of the things M is thankful for.  She very cutely asked for her prayer hands to use and went through the hands one by one to find the corresponding pictures to glue down.


Other lapbook activities had us discussing words that begin with the letter A and learning where bread and milk comes from.



Afterwards, I taught her the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”  I found a beautiful YouTube video that sings the song and we watched it multiple times this week!  She quickly picked up the words and was signing along.  I do love the simplicity of the song and its powerful message.

The YouTube video shows pictures of children from around the world, which led us to talk about how there are children just like M who lives all over the world.   We talked about how they may eat, talk or look different than us but that each child was special and loved by God.

When we read the book again towards the end of the week, we decided to follow the wooden dolls throughout the story.  M found the wooden doll on each page and talked about what it was doing.  She noticed when they started repeating and wasn’t happy it, wondering why they wouldn’t do something new.

Prayer for a Child was a great book for us this week and it blended into our life really well.  While the activities weren’t as active or exciting as the week before, the slower paced story was a good change.  I hope you all had a wonderful week as well!

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