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Create FALL TREES with your tot or preschooler


Fall in New England is truly a beautiful sight and we have been enjoying watching the leaves the change into magnificent colors lately.  To capture this wonderful time of year, we created our own Fall Trees and you can too!

To make these tress, you will need:


  • White card stock or thicker paper (we used white but you can be creative)
  • Brown construction paper
  • Red, orange and yellow tissue paper
  • Glue

Cut out an outline of a tree similar to the one I have drawn above and glue it on to your card stock.


The tissue paper will serve as your autumn leaves.  You can purchase pre-cut tissue paper squares online or at most craft stores but I’ve found that you can get almost any color tissue paper at the dollar store and cut it yourself.  For a project like this, the tissue paper just needs to be cut smaller, not into perfect squares so it can be great practice for your little one too!

Once you have your tissue paper cut up, turn it into leaves!  Crumple the tissue paper into small balls and glue them on to the tree.  Don’t forget to put some on the ground as well since the leaves are always falling this time of year!  Your little one can put them on any way they want, if they would rather glue the tissue paper on without crumpling it up, why not?  I’m sure it would make an equally lovely tree.

IMG_06411You can add as many or as little leaves as your little ones would like.  The beauty of a craft like this is that each tree always comes out looking a little different.  If you like this, I have a matching winter tree I’m planning to do in a few weeks.  Make sure you subscribe by email or follow me on Facebook so you don’t miss it!

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