Our First Week of Preschool!

DSC_2130Well folks, we’ve officially started school around here and while I’m sure there will be some bumps along the way, I’m really excited to share with you what we’ve been up to. I wasn’t planning on starting preschool with M until next week but since her friends in public school already started, she was eager to get going. It actually worked out perfectly though – we worked on a few activities throughout the week to ease us into the new routine.

Even though I have been doing “tot school” with M for the past year, this will be the first time we have a dedicated time and space set aside for school. I have a designated school area (also known as our kitchen table during non-school hours!) and have a whole set up of school supplies ready to be used. I don’t think either is entirely necessary at this stage but going to school is a huge deal for M (as it should be!) and she doesn’t quite understand why we’re doing it at home when some of her friends are “going to a building” as she puts it.

I wanted to make our school time somehow different and special compared with the rest of the day so I gave our kitchen table a school room makeover. M was beyond excited the first day when she saw everything set up, you can tell since she wanted to be in almost every picture I took of the layout!

M was super excited day 1!
M was super excited day 1!
“Moms area” with the essentials – books, extra supplies, coffee!
M’s station with her supplies and work for the day.

We kicked off the first day of school like every other family – with first day of school pictures!  Seriously, where did the time go?  I can’t believe we’re here already.  M insisted on dressing up for the occasion, surprise surprise.

DSC_2127I spent most of our time the first day showing M all her new school supplies and explaining everything that was laid out.  We worked on her Daily Calendar Notebook each morning.  I’m pretty sure dry erase markers and the eraser are her new favorite items!

Since I didn’t want to change my weekly plans too much, I just picked a few activities from next week to start this week.  We did some activities relating to the letter A, including a cut and paste apple tree.  I have a tendency to pre-cut our crafts but am trying to stop that to give M an opportunity to do it herself.  She had trouble figuring out which hand was more comfortable to cut with but still managed to cut out all 6 apples herself.


I also introduced out first set of sight words.  M asked why I couldn’t just teach her to read a book instead of words 🙂  Even though I explained these words are helping her learn to read, she wasn’t buying it.  It’s a long road, we’ll get there.  We used letter tiles to build the words each day and did some puzzles with them.  M is pretty resistant to anything involving handwriting so I am slowly trying to overcome that.  To reinforce the words, we taped them up to our schoolroom/kitchen wall and wrote them out on the chalkboard in her bedroom.


To finish up our first week, M and I filled out an All About Me sheet I created.  I wanted something that could go along with the first day of school picture as a snapshot of who she is right now.  We went through the questions and I wrote down her answers, exactly as she gave them to me.

Some of the highlights:

  • Best Friends: our next door neighbors, Thomas and Mitch
  • Favorite Color: Rainbow
  • This year, she wants to learn: how to draw a rainbow
  • When she grows up, she wants to be: a ballerina

I can’t wait to see how her answers change through the years.  Or who knows, maybe at 15 she’ll want to be a ballerina when she grows up!

Regardless of how old your little ones are or where they go to school, this All About Me printable is a great way to capture who they are at this moment.  I’ve included this great printable free for you to use with your kids.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

All About Me


Now that it’s over, I’d consider this a successful first week of school and am looking forward to what lies ahead.  Be sure to follow by email or Facebook so you don’t miss any of our adventures!

What are your thoughts?

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