The Beauty of Vacations


It seems like forever since I sat down to write and in reality, it has been almost a month. We have had the good fortune of being able to spend most of August on various vacations with extended family and friends, but most importantly together as a family. We just got home from a trip that had us in 5 different states over 12 days (9 if you count that states we drove right through). Even though it was a lot of together-ness, it was such a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time as a family.

We realized the only time we’ve been able to spend such a long period of time together was right after each of the kids were born. To be fair, those first weeks are wonderful but a bit fuzzy. These past few weeks gave us a chance to make amazing memories with each other and the kids. I already knew it but it solidified for me how much we actually like each other. These people that God has given me as my family are my favorite people in this world and I am so grateful for the time we have together.


Some highlights from our trip:

Panda’s in DC! We were lucky enough to get to the National Zoo just days before they closed the panda exhibit in anticipation of the new panda baby’s arrival. I’d love to get back there next year to see the twin babies!

Mama panda waiting for her babies!

Toes in the sand! Most of our trip was spent on the beach and by the end M and J had become absolute fishes! It was great to see them love the water, even when it was knocking them down.



M’s first mini golf adventure. The hubs and I love a good (friendly) competition and have been playing mini golf together since way back in our years of dating. We were excited to introduce the game to M but it quickly became clear that she liked the idea of mini golf more than the actual game.


As with any time away from home, it was great to get back.  I can’t believe summer is almost over but we have so much to look forward to this fall that I cannot wait!  I hope you’ll come along for our adventures.

What are your thoughts?

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