Farm Themed 1st Birthday Party!

Farm Theme Cover

For J’s first birthday, we gathered our friends and family for a farm themed birthday party.  The kids all seemed to have a blast and I was really happy with how everything came out (including his allergy-friendly birthday cake!).

For decorations, I used red and white checkered tablecloths and white paper goods to keep things simple.  I did have some fun cow print straws for the kids to enjoy!


A “J’s Farm Stand” sign hung above the food table with platters of fresh cut vegetables and dip for our guests as they arrived.


I made the centerpieces using mason jars I already had, some burlap fabric and adorable farm cutouts purchased on Etsy.



My favorite element of the party was the display honoring the birthday boy.  I used pictures I had taken of J each month over the past year to display the amazing changes that have taken place.  Next to the pictures, I had a sign made from Jeanette at DaintyDigitalDesigns that included all of J’s current favorites.  She worked with me to customize the sign and was so easy to work with.  (Ironically, the day after I ordered the sign that proudly stated J had 4 teeth, he proceed to cut 2 more!)  If you’re looking for some fun decorations for your little ones party, be sure to check out the other options she has as well!



For the birthday boy, I made a banner for his high chair to dazzle it up a bit.  It was made with strips of each fabric simply tied onto some white yarn.  Once completed, I taped it under the tray so he couldn’t rip it off.


To entertain the little ones, we had set up a bunch of games and activities throughout the backyard.  We also had a Magic Scratch craft set up on one of the tables.  Some of my favorites were the “Duck Pond” and “Pig Pen”.  We also had a slip and slide set up, but I forgot to get any pictures of the kids in action!



Since sweets is one the highlights of a birthday, it was really important to me that I had desserts that J could eat even with his allergies, including a dairy and soy free cake!  I’m really happy to say we were successful!  I used a recipe from Milk Allergy Mom and allergy-friendly icing that I found in our local health food store.   I was nervous that the cake wouldn’t taste good but I was happily wrong.  The cake is denser than anything you get from a box but delicious and our guests seemed to enjoy it.  Even better, the birthday boy himself enjoyed two pieces!


To go with the cake, we made some fresh fruit pies and dirt cups (which were a HUGE hit with the kids!).


To thank everyone for coming to celebrate with us, we sent each kid home with a favor that consisted of a farm activity book, packet of vegetable seeds for them to grow and can of play dough – all packaged insides a clay pot.  I love coming up with favors that don’t consist of bags of candy.  As a parent, I don’t want extra junk in my house so I don’t want to send it home with any of our friends.  Another idea I love is giving guests a children’s book to enjoy.


DSC_1673At the end of the day, our little farmer had a great time.  It was a wonderful afternoon with our friends and family and a perfect way to celebrate his first year!


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