Decorated Flower Vase – Great Gift for a Grandmother!

Flower Vase Cover

Personally, I really love homemade gifts.  People rarely need anything these days and instead of giving them a store bought gift just for the sake of it, I’d rather spend a little of our time to give them something with meaning.  This is especially true for gifts from my kids for the adults in their lives.  Hence the inspiration for this decorated flower vase…

M and my mom share a love of fresh flowers (I realize most people do but I’m just not a huge flower person) so for my mom’s birthday, M made this beautiful flower vase for her.  It was a big hit and quickly filled with some fresh flowers from the backyard.  M was able to do this entire project herself, with only minimal supervision required.  Even better, the only cost was the vase (dollar store) since we had the rest of the supplies on hand already.  Since I rarely have fresh flowers in the house, I don’t have too many vases lying around.  But if you do, you can simply repurpose one that you don’t use!

To make this vase, you will need:DSC_1380

  • Clear vase
  • Cut up tissue paper in varying colors
  • Mod Podge glue
  • Paint brush

M started by covering the entire vase with a layer of mod podge, then used the tissue paper squares to cover the vase.  She had fun deciding which colors to use and where to put them.  She also was careful to make sure no spot were left uncovered.


Since the tissue paper squares overlapped each other in some areas, it gave the vase a textured look.


Once she was done with the tissue paper, she put another layer of Mod Podge on the vase, covering all the tissue paper.  As with other glues, the Mod Podge will dry clear so don’t worry if it wasn’t what you expected at first!  The top layer just adds a little extra seal for the tissue paper.

Layer of Mod Podge on top
M was very proud of her work!
M was very proud of her work!

I left the vase on the counter over night to make sure it was completely dry.  Once it’s dry, wrap it up as a gift for someone you love or enjoy it yourself with some fresh flowers!


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