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Rocket Ship Craft


M has been interested in stars since before she could say the word so we’ve been having fun exploring outer space lately.  To kick off our theme, we made these adorable rocket ships for our kitchen wall.  I should probably just starting calling our kitchen “the art gallery” as the walls quickly become covered in our crafts.  I’d love to come up with a better way to display the kids work but for now, it adds to our decor.

To make these rocket ships, you will need:


  • Construction paper (black for the background and any colors you want for the ship itself)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Star stickers
  • Streamers / ribbon / glitter paint (anything that will give your rocket ship fuel)

I pre-cut rectangles out of the construction paper and let the kids pick the colors they wanted to use.  It was good counting practice for M to figure out how many letters were in her name to know how many rectangles she needed.  She wasn’t into writing the letters herself and I don’t want to push her so instead she told me how to spell her name and I wrote out the letters.

Next, she glued down the letters in order vertically to make the rocket ship body, then we added the triangle top.


Afterwards, they picked out a bunch of red and yellow pieces of streamers and glued them to the bottom of their rockets.



Once the rocket ships were finished, they added starts to the background to add to the ambiance of the scene 🙂  Then, M had fun pretending to fly her rocket ship to Mars before it landed permanently on our walls.


Not that I didn’t think this was a cute craft, but I was surprised at just how much the kids loved it.

Stay tuned to see what else we’ve been doing with this theme!

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