Taking Time for Me… SOAKing it in.


I’ve embarked on something new recently – intentional “me time” in the way of an online bible study. Let me explain…

About a month ago, I stumbled upon Good Morning Girls – an online ministry started by Courtney Joseph (author of this best-seller). As I read through some of her site, I discovered she was about to start a bible study on The Book of Proverbs.

I’ve always been interested by the idea of a bible study for two reasons. One, I find the entire text to be historically fascinating and I would love to say I’ve read it cover to cover. Two, and more importantly, it provides an opportunity to deepen my faith. Since I’m more comfortable behind the computer screen than I am in person, I thought this idea of an online bible study was perfect for me.

In order to participate, I had to commit to reading 1 chapter a day, 5 days a week. Since this was my first time reading the bible with a purpose like this, I purchased the companion journal she created specifically for this study. Now that I’m gaining confidence in her method, I don’t think I would purchase the journal again. A simple notebook would work just fine. Her S.O.A.K. method encourages you to not only read the text but to SOAK it in. This means identifying Scripture passages that speak to you, Observing what it means, Applying it to my life and Kneeling in prayer.

It did feel a little strange at first, physically writing things out, which is silly because I was alone with my thoughts. But I quickly realized Courtney’s SOAK method had purpose. I’m two weeks in and I have to admit, I’m really enjoying myself. I have come to look forward to the time I sit quietly each night, tuning out the noise of life to focus on the Word and myself, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. I have enjoyed reading the passages and dissecting them for meaning. I find contentment in the intentional prayers that have come out of this.

I have also learned that I am much more at peace throughout the day if I’ve spent time on myself. It has never taken me more than 10 minutes to SOAK in the day’s chapter but those 10 minutes are enough to feel refreshed and energized. When this bible study is over, I may or may not choose to do another one. But one thing I will certainly continue to do is spend time each day on me. Doing so will make me a better person, better wife and better mother.

Do you take time for yourself each day?  What works best for you?

What are your thoughts?

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