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Kitchen Scraps Science

Kitchen Scraps Science

After cutting up carrot slices for dinner one night, I was inspired to do a little impromptu science experiment this week.   I had read about the possibility to regrow plants from certain discarded vegetables and thought this could be a really fun activity for M as she watched it grow.  Since we could watch them grow each day on our counter, it provides more of an instant gratification than waiting for our full garden outside to start sprouting vegetables.

To do this, you will need:

  • Handful of carrot tops, with a small part of the green stems still attached
  • Shallow dish to hold the carrot tops and water (I used the top to a container, about an inch deep)
  • Water

That’s it!  It really is such an easy experiment for you to do with your little ones.  The best part is that M was able to do everything herself, with minimal supervision to make sure she didn’t flood out the carrots.

She arranged the 4 carrot tops on the dish and poured enough water in to fill the bottom.  We left it in a relatively sunny spot on our kitchen counter.


Each day, M checked the progress of our carrots and gave them more water if needed.  She was really excited to see the stems starting to grow.  Not only did they get taller but they quickly turned into a bright, fresh colored green as well.


We let them grow for about a week and while the results weren’t earth-shattering, they were impressive (especially to a 3 year old).  My understanding is that if left to grow longer, they will actually start sprouting small flowers.  But we were having a fruit fly issue this week and wanted no food left out so our experiment ended after 1 week.


I think we’ll definitely do this again, maybe including some other root vegetables.  The super-nerd in me has visions of doing this when the kids are older so they can record their observations on paper, giving them a more concrete view of how it changed.



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