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Hand and Footprint Mother’s Day ideas!


With mother’s day just a few days away, we’ve been hard at work making some homemade goodies for the grandmothers and godmothers in our lives!

While we do get both my mother and mother-in-law small gifts for Mother’s Day, I think the homemade cards and items mean the most to them (unless I’m totally wrong and they both wish they got big ol’ gifts from us 😉 )  I also try to remember my sister-in-law and sister who are my kids godmother’s.  I think it’s important to acknowledge the special bond they have with my children.  This year we made two separate projects – one for the grandmothers and one for the godmothers.  Both were really easy and could be done with just some white paper, paint and construction paper.

Footprint Flower Gardens

I loved this idea since it incorporated both kids into one project.  This way, the grandmothers have a little piece of both of them to hang on the refrigerator.

*I will warn you, this was definitely one of the messier projects we’ve done lately – especially since J was involved.  A crawling baby and a plate full of paint on the floor made for a big mess but it was super quick to clean up since it was all washable paint!

To make the flowers, I dipped the kids feet into red paint (I love these paints – they have washed off everything!) and helped them make footprints on a piece of white card stock.  To look more like a bunch of flowers, try to have the heels overlap.  Then I took the kids right to the sink and washed off their feet.  Since I had to do each set of footprints separately, I had taped some big pieces of scrap paper to the kitchen floor for them to paint on while they waited.

Once the footprints were done, I left the card stock out to dry while I stuck the kids in the bath and cleaned up the kitchen.  They had left an interesting trail of footprints behind but everything came right up with a Swiffer mop.

With the kids playing another activity, I painted on some stems and petals and drew on some grass to complete the picture.  Then I wrote a simple message at the top – We love you Grandma (you could write anything here but keeping it short and sweet leaves the focus on the adorable flowers!).  I think it’s safe to say this will be a hit come Sunday.


Hand print Flower Pots

Unintentionally, our projects ended up with a flower theme this year!  For the godparents, we made a cute pot of flowers using the kids handprints as the stems.  The only thing you need for this is some construction paper!  I pre-cut all of the pieces and M assembled them (J supplied his hand print but let his big sister put it together).

To start, I traced their hands onto green construction paper and glued it on to a white piece of paper.  Next, flower pots went on the bottom of the stems (hands) and one flower went on the tip of each finger.  We made a bunch of different colored flowers but you can do them all the same if you’d prefer (or if that’s all you have on hand).

Once they were assembled, I wrote Happy Mother’s Day on the flower pot and a simple To/From message at the bottom.


With just a few minutes of planning, these projects were simple to make.  Hopefully, these will inspire you to make something for the mom’s in your life.

What are your thoughts?

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