Tot School

Springtime Name Activity!

Flower Names

M loves any activity that involves writing or spelling her name and she has become quite the expert at it.  Now that she knows her own name, we’ve also been working on spelling her brother’s name as well as Mom/Mommy and Dad/Daddy.  Needless to say, this easy springtime craft was a big hit.

Awhile back, we built snowmen by spelling out our names and they have been a permanent decoration above our kitchen table ever since.  Since the weather is warming up, I thought it was time to update our family of names with something a bit more springy.

To start, I printed out a basic flower outline on card stock – enough for one flower per letter in our names.  You can download the printable at the bottom of the post.  I pre-cut them before starting the craft even though I know I should start letting M cut things for herself.


In the middle of each flower, I wrote out the letters needed to spell our names.  M put them in order and then wrote the letters herself over my markings.


After writing the letters, she colored them a rainbow of different colors.  She was really excited that she got to be involved in making all of them, not just her own.


Attaching the letters could not have been easier.  I took some basic masking tape and ripped it to the length of the flowers laid out.  With the sticky side up, M placed the letters on in order to spell out our names and we were done!



Now, the flower have replaced our snowmen on the kitchen wall for a more seasonally appropriate roll call.


To make you own flower names with your little ones, download the flower outline below!


What activities do you use to practice your little ones names?

What are your thoughts?

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