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Help your child learn to read with Reading Eggs!

M has been an absolute sponge lately, sometimes I feel like I can’t teach her new things fast enough.  Since she knows most of her letters now and has been really interested in learning to read, I jumped at the opportunity to try Reading Eggs recently.  Reading Eggs is an online program that helps kids learn to read by combining books with games and activities.

I have been working with M on it for about a week now and am really happy with it.  Which is why I wanted to share this with you.  For the next week, Reading Eggs is offering new sign-ups a free 4-week trial membership.  To take advantage of this awesome offer, just follow the below link.

Start your free trial membership now!

As an added bonus, Reading Eggs will donate $2 to The National Children’s Cancer Society for every new registration to a maximum of $25,000.

The program is broken down into 3 categories: Reading Eggs (for beginning and early readers) and Reading Eggspress (for reading who are able to read early chapter books).  There is also a Math Seeds section for early math exposure.

The lessons M has worked on so far have included both individual letters and basic sight words.  She thinks the animated characters are funny, which keeps her engaged.  I find she can usually sit and work on anywhere from  3/4 of a lesson to 1 1/2 lessons at a time.  Each lesson involves 8-10 mini lessons which last from a minute to 4-5 minutes each.

The only bump in the road we’ve had is the use of a mouse on the computer.  While M can use an iPad with ease, she has only recently started playing around on my laptop.  She gets frustrated using the touch pad to play the games, so when we work on the lessons she points to her answer, and then I click on it for her.  This seems to be working for her now.  You can also download their iPad or Android app.

This has been a great resource for us as M explores the early stages of learning to read.  I hope it works for your little ones as well! 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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