Snow White Birthday Party

Our funny, smart, beautiful little girl turned 3 last week and I seriously cannot figure out where the time has gone.  Our world has been filled love and laughter unlike any other since she entered it three years ago and the hubs and I are truly blessed to be her parents.







As many little girls are, her world is filled with princesses.  She loves them all but her absolute favorite these last few months has been Snow White so it was no surprise when she asked for a Snow White birthday party, complete with a Snow White cake.  I quickly realized that while dozens of companies offer party supplies for a princess party, almost none of them include Snow White so I had to get a little creative.

Birthdays are a big deal in our house and she had been eagerly counting down until her special day so it was fun to go all out with our celebration!  Take a look at how it came together. (Almost all of this can be replicated with different colors if your little one prefers a different princess! Cinderella – blue and white, The Little Mermaid – green and red, etc.)

M woke up to a hallway filled with streamers and balloons!
The table was decorated in Snow White colors, all with items from the dollar store (except the red tulle)



In true Snow White fashion, we had a magic mirror announcing M to be the fairest of them all.

I made a Happy 3rd Birthday M banner that we hung in our playroom but I forgot to take a picture of!  It would be really easy to recreate though, simply print out the message in large letters, cut them out and string together – viola!

I also used red, yellow and blue streamers to decorate the banisters and ceilings in our playroom.  The dollar store had each color in a pack of 2 for $1 so this was a really inexpensive way to add some extra decor.

snow white balloonLastly, since my daughter loves balloons, I found this large Snow White balloon online and knew it would be a huge hit!

Snow White cake

I was really proud of how M’s cake turned out, especially since I decided to forgo the test cake the week earlier.  I used a Snow White barbie for the middle and stacked three different sized cakes on top of one another to make the skirt (a bundt pan, a dome pan and two cupcakes).  Luckily for me, Snow White’s skirt is entirely yellow so the decorating was easy enough.  This was the biggest hit of the day!

There was a special Snow White crown waiting for M to complete her outfit
The birthday girl in full Snow White attire :)
The birthday girl in full Snow White attire 🙂

M already had the snow white dress from Christmas and the Snow White Tiara was something special that was waiting for her that morning.

No party is complete without games – Pin the Tail on the Donkey courtesy of my dad.
M couldn’t wait to get outside to ride her new bicycle!

To top it all off, M got her first big kid bike for her birthday – complete with Princess Helmet and Frozen themed knee/elbow pads.


What are your thoughts?

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