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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Pats day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for the last few weeks since I knew the days leading up to it would be busy with a ski trip and M’s 3rd birthday.  For our schoolwork, we used Blessed Beyond a Doubt’s St. Patrick’s Day Preschool pack and 3Dinosaur’s St. Patrick’s Day Preschool pack.  They both contain awesome worksheets that had M working on letters, sizing, writing, counting and critical thinking.

WP_20150317_20_42_46_ProInstead of focusing too much on writing specific letters, M worked on a number of worksheets that had her practicing writing skills.

WP_20150302_09_08_12_ProAs usual, she loved the worksheets that had her circling the smallest (or biggest) in a series of pictures as well as the ones that had her spotting the differences.

WP_20150317_20_42_13_ProM worked on a few different activities that had her counting objects (1-20) and she really enjoyed that.  We did it as a round-robin type of activity with her and the kids I babysit and they had fun helping each other figure out the answers.


WP_20150317_20_42_28_ProAnother new worksheet for her involved matching like pictures (see above).  She got creative in the route her lines took – it didn’t straight lines only! 🙂


To enhance our learning, I picked out a few books about St. Patrick’s Day and rainbows from our local library.  We read through these multiple times over the course of the week and they tied in nicely to the crafts.






It’s St. Patrick’s Day by Rebecca Gomez






Looking at the Sky – Rainbows by Linda Aspen-Baxter and Heather Kissock






That’s What Leprechauns Do by Eve Bunting


Nothing gets M more excited than crafts and we had plenty to keep us busy!


In an effort to recreate something I saw on pinterest, I had the kids painting shamrocks with green paint and halved peppers.  I’ll chalk this up to a pinterest semi-fail as the peppers we had didn’t exactly create a shamrock shape like I had hoped.  However the kids had fun and didn’t really care what shape it looked like – they just though painting with peppers was hilarious.  Especially when they decided to ditch the peppers and just cover themselves in green paint 🙂

Since we had been talking about rainbows throughout out St. Patrick’s day work, I decided to include a rainbow craft with M.  I didn’t get a picture of her working on it but it was quite possibly the easiest craft to put together.  I simply tore up some construction paper in each shade of the rainbow and she glued them onto a piece of white cardstock.  Her rainbow didn’t look like a traditional rainbow, but isn’t that half the fun?


Now that our trip and her birthday are over, things should quiet down a little for us.  Stay tuned for a peek at our Easter work as well as how I threw a Snow White 3rd Birthday party this past weekend 🙂




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