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Making the most of winter… indoors

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Since we’ve been buried in snow for the last month but unable to enjoy it due to frigid temperatures, I figured I would make the most of it by incorporating it into our school work over the past two weeks.  Here’s a peak at what we’ve been doing…


M worked on her letters, this week adding e, i, s, and t.  After she completed the dot market sheets, they were added to the growing arrangement of letters on our kitchen walls.


Snowman shape activity

I gave M a pile of pre-cute snowman pieces, which she then sorted by shape (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval and hexagon).  Once sorted, she glued them on in size order to create her snowmen.  She had fun putting them together and assigning each one a name.


Letter sounds

I worked on a winter themed worksheet with M this week that had her matching pictures to their corresponding letter.  While some letters are still challenging, she has definitely starting understanding the concept of sounding words out and enjoys these types of sheets.  Getting to glue to the picture onto the snowflake was an added bonus!

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Painting the Snow

Since we haven’t been able to play in the snow outside, I decided to bring the snow indoors.  One afternoon I got M all set up at the table, ready to paint but didn’t tell her what she was painting.  For paint, I filled a few small bowls with water and food coloring.  Then I went outside and filled a large bowl with snow.  The look on her face when she realized what we were doing was priceless.  It was one of those “way-to-go, she-thinks-I’m-an-awesome-mom” moments.


She very meticulously painted the snow her favorite colors, then wanted to dig around in it with spoons, then scoop it from one bowl to another.  This kept her occupied for well over an hour, which was awesome as it gave me the opportunity to feed J and get dinner ready while we all hung out in the kitchen together.


Winter Maze Puzzles

To go with our winter theme as well as incorporate some of our new letters, M worked on a handful of worksheets that had her tracing the letter and a corresponding word.  The letters were smaller than what she normally traces and she had a hard time being precise.  She then followed the instructions to trace her way through the maze as well as answer a few questions about the maze (i.e. how many times do boots appear in the maze?)


Identifying upper and lower case letters

M worked on identifying upper and lower case letters by highlighting them each with a dot market.  She pretty much loves anything that involves the dot markers and likes to go through these sheets slowly, making sure not to miss one!


Ice Skating!

Even though it has been barely above single digits temperature-wise lately, that didn’t stop us from enjoying some winter activities as a family.  One afternoon we went with friends of ours to a local ice skating rink (indoors!) and let M try ice skating for the first time!  In this house, we are big hockey fans so she was really excited to skate just like the players do.  I was really impressed that by the end she seemed to be getting the hang of it.


We’ve been busy in our efforts not to go stir-crazy indoors lately.  I’m hoping warmer weather is just around the corner and will align nicely with our planned St. Patrick’s Day/Rainbows work coming up.


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