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Our Valentine’s Day work


With the approach of Valentine’s Day, I decided to use that theme in some of our school work this week.  Here’s a peak at what we did…

M worked on some worksheets that had her picking which picture was different than the rest and finishing the pattern by gluing the last picture on.  She pretty much flies through these sheets but since she gets them so quickly, it’s a good confidence booster before tying some new, harder work.

WP_20150210_16_00_07_ProWP_20150210_16_00_20_Pro  WP_20150210_16_20_57_Pro








Speaking of new, harder work… I’ve been introducing the concept of the sounds each letter makes/identifying letters based on sound alone.  M has been a sponge lately wanting to know how to spell certain words and what words start with… she is definitely eager to learn to read.  I cut out 8 pictures that corresponded to the letters on the sheet and we went through each one – saying the word, emphasizing the first sound and matching it up to the letters (went through twice for upper and lower case letters).  This wasn’t an activity she could do on her own but she seemed to enjoy trying to figure each one out.


Since M loves her dot markers, I took advantage of that and had her “dotting” upper and lower case H’s in different colors.  We hadn’t done this before but she had a blast and really concentrated to make sure she marked each letter the right color.


We also spent TONS of time this week making Valentine’s Day cards/crafts for the hubs and grandparents but I didn’t get any good pictures of that.  Think lots of hearts and lots of pink 🙂

For most people, Valentine’s Day is a romantic day for couples but last year the hubs and I decided to make it all about the family, including the kids in our plans.  Like last year, we are making our own pizza followed by everyone’s favorite chocolate fondue.  We’ll have plenty of time for romantic Valentine’s days when our kids are grown and have their own plans.  For now, it’s awesome seeing M get excited, counting down the days until our special day.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with just as much LOVE.


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