Game Night

Even before we had kids, the hubs and I were game night kind of people.  We loved playing games with groups or just him and I.  It’s so much more fun than a night spent watching television!  Now that we have kids, we’ve already started instilling that same love of games in our children.

Here are our top picks for family friendly games that are sure to help bring your family together.

Frozen Surprise Slides – this was a Christmas gift M received and we have played it countless times since the holidays.  Any kids who love the movie Frozen will enjoy this game as they race from Arendelle to Elsa’s Ice Palace.  There are ice slides that propel you ahead as well as a quirk on the spinner that has you change out pieces of the board, thus changing the path midway through the game.  It also doesn’t take too long to play so the kids don’t lose interest.

Spot it! ABC version – we have been playing the ABC version of this game but there are countless varieties to try.  This game has players spot the match across multiple cards.  I love that M needs to think a little bit (without realizing it!) to play – an added bonus is the case is relatively small and can be packed up easily to play in the car or on vacation.

Thinkfun Roll and Play – this was M’s first game and she still loves it!  It can be played together as a family or on their own and unlike most board games, this one gets you moving around a little bit.  Players roll a large stuffed dice and complete actions based on the color the die lands on.  This is a really great game for younger kids.

Dazzling Princess – for those of you with little princesses at home, this game will be a guaranteed hit.  Players guess which movie the pictures come from and use a “magic” jewel to reveal the answer.  As they guess correctly, new jewels get added to their tiaras, bracelets, and rings! (It’s similar to Pretty, Pretty, Princess for those of you who remember it)

Chutes and Ladders – this classic game is always fun and the constant back and forth around the board can keep kids of varying ages interested.  My only caution is (at least for us), the game can tend to drag on for a little to long.

Logo Party Game – if you heard the hubs talking about this game, you would think he sells it (he doesn’t), that’s how much he loves this one.  All about brand recognition, this revamped version has 4 different components that get you drawning, acting and quizzing each other to see who knows more.  This is a great game to play with teams during an adults game night – older kids may love getting involved too!

Stratego – this is another old school game that the hubs and I love bringing out.  Since our kids are still too young, we play just us but it would be perfect for a parent to play with an older child!  It’s a great game involving strategy and thinking ahead as you try to capture your opponents flag before they get yours!


That’s a peek inside our game cabinet… what are some of your favorite games?

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