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Awhile back I decided to scope out a used curriculum sale not far from us.  I walked away with some great supplies that will help us in the coming preschool and kindergarten years, one of which was this great ABC Bingo game.  (A steal for only $3!)


I thought it would be awhile before M was ready for this game but since she is constantly surprising me with her capabilities I decided to take it out one afternoon when the kids needed somewhere to direct their boundless energy.  With 36 different boards, we can play countless rounds without repetition.  Also, with only 8 letters on each board, the kids didn’t lose interest before the end of the game.  We actually played 4 rounds before they lost interest.


As I called out each letter, the kids were quick to call out each time it appeared on their board.  I then put all called letters out on the table to remind them what each letter looked like.  Like most of us are, they were so excited when they finally called out “BINGO!”

I really like to incorporate games as much as possible into both our learning time and family time.  Some are more educational than others (like this one, reinforcing letters) but all provide an opportunity to learn how to take turns, wait patiently and be a good winner (and a good loser!).  We are definitely a “game-night” kind of family and next week I’ll be sharing our top picks for family friendly games with you!

What are your thoughts?

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