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We’ve been busy…

Here’s a peak into what we’ve been doing lately…

M completed dot marker worksheets for each letter we’re focusing on (l, w, c and f).  After, we hung them up on kitchen wall which has made a big difference for M keeping the letters fresh in her mind.  More than once when we were working on other activities I saw her look up at that wall and remember what the name of the letter was.  Each time she was excited to point to it and call it out.


Tracing – To practice writing as well as reinforce her knowledge of the letters, I started writing words (either names or words that started with our current letters) on a blank paper in highlighter and she traced them.  Once she saw what we were doing, she quickly took the lead and dictated what she wanted to write on each page.  This activity has had the unexpected bonus of introducing phonics.


Crafts are always a big hit for M as well as the kids I babysit during the week.  I used our crafts to emphasize the letters we had been practicing.

L if for lamp
L is for ladybug
L is for ladybug
C is for caterpillar
C is for caterpillar
F is for flag
F is for flag

Meet the Letters book – this lift the flap book keep M pretty entertained.  She liked reading through it together and on her own, occasionally calling me over to remind her what a certain letter is called.  I bought this as a set with all the Meet the Letter products – we haven’t used them all yet but I do like this book and the DVD.  I’ve noticed she says the letter names in the same tone as the DVD announces them, which is funny to hear.  I keep the DVD in the car and have been popping it in during some of our longer car rides recently.

What are your thoughts?

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