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My Resolution to Read

It used to be that I would go through books like candy (quickly, for a sweet tooth like myself) – I’ve been known to stay up through the night just to finish a book I can’t put down. While the love of reading is still there, the time to get lost in a story just isn’t anymore (unless you count Fancy Nancy, and I don’t). This year, I’m committing to carve out time for myself to read some of the many books that have been accumulating in my must read pile. WP_20150123_19_58_28_Pro With two road-trip type vacations planned this year, I’ll have a couple of LONG car rides to get some reading done. I’ll also do my best to sneak in some reading after the kids go to bed at night. In no particular order, here are the books I hope to enjoy this year:

  1. Five Star Families by Carol Kuykendall – I actually started this one last year and have enjoyed the idea of being intentional in our goals for what we’d like our family to look like.  It focuses on five qualities that matter most – love, fun, loyalty, growth and faith.  I only have about a quarter of the book to go so I’m hopeful I’ll finish up soon!
  2. Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education by Glenn Beck – This one caught my attention a few months ago, I just haven’t had the time to get to it.  As the hubs and I figure out how we want to educate our children, the thought of the Common Core curriculum being used frightens me.  While I know this book is considered anti-common core rhetoric, I’m interested to see what it exposes about the curriculum.
  3. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn – I’ve already read (and enjoyed!) Gillian Flynn’s popular novel Gone Girl and her lesser known Dark Places.  This is the last (albeit first published) one of her books to read and I’m really looking forward to it.  *Personally, I always have to have a fluff book to follow one of hers due to the heavy nature of her plot lines
  4. A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband “Master” by Rachel Held Evans – I’ve been interested in the concept of biblical womanhood for awhile now, trying to learn more about what it truly means and how it can be applied in my life.  When this book was recommended to me, it immediately caught my attention and will probably get pushed to the top of my list.  I’m interested to see what Rachel experienced as she spent a year adhering to the Bible’s instructions for women.
  5. Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich – This will probably be my fluff book for after Sharp Objects.  I’m a huge Janet Evanovich fan and have loved the adventures of Stephanie Plum in books 1 – 20 of the series.  The beauty of these books is that they are light, laugh out loud, quick reads that can easily be fit into a busy life.
  6. Don’t Go by Lisa Scottoline – I stumbled across this one recently and quickly added it to my must-read list.  I’ve enjoyed a number of Lisa Scottoline’s book already and found this
  7. Yell Less, Love More by Sheila McCraith – I strive to have a household with little to no yelling but too often I find us raising our voices in frustration or discipline.  I hope the “daily thoughts, tips, and motivational personal stories” will help us to find better alternatives and succeed at becoming an orange rhino (definition: A person that parents with warmth and determination and who doesn’t charge with words when angry, impatient, or simply in a bad mood.)
  8. Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly – Our church gave out copies of this book to all its parishioners recently.  It’s purpose is to help include the faith into our every day lives.
  9. The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks – As a sucker for a good love story, Nicholas Sparks is another favorite author of mine and I get excited every time he releases a new book.

What books are on your list?

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