Tot School

enjoying fall

This week we worked on a bunch of fall worksheets and I finally managed to find some that challenged my little nerd-in-training.  We skipped our usual letter themed worksheets in favor for some involving pumpkins and scarecrows.  She worked on a puzzle that involved lining up the pieces in numerical order to make the picture – a scarecrow!


I also introduced the concept of “same and different”.  We worked on some sheets that had her circling which picture was different from the others.  I could see her struggling a little bit with picking the different one but she gained confidence after starting to pick the ones that looked the same first – then found the answer by default.  It just reminds me there are multiple ways to attack a problem and I have to give her the space to find what works for her.  I was really proud of her for working through both sheets.


She continued working on pre-writing sheets and is doing really well.  Besides tracing lines, this week she also traced shapes, which provided a good opportunity to go over the shapes and their names.  We have been focused mainly on letters and numbers around here lately so shapes have taken a back seat.


As soon as she saw me taking out her Clothespin Name Game she asked to play immediately.  She sat at the table as I set up the rest of our work and quickly clipped her name on correctly.  I’m debating making these name manipulatives more difficult by adding other letters in or trying to work on a different word (mommy, daddy, brother, etc)… we’ll see.

One leftover Halloween activity we didn’t get to until this week was Monster Coloring.  She had a booklet of pages, each monster announcing the color they were.  I liked that this activity had her recognizing colors but also learning to follow instructions.


Overall, the activities this week were definitely a step up from the ones we’d been doing.  Since most of them came from the blog 3 Dinosaurs, I am going to try to use them more often going forward.

What are your thoughts?

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