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what we’ve been doing

Even though I haven’t given an update on our school work lately doesn’t mean we haven’t been working!  Here’s a highlight of what we’ve been doing:

Card game matching numbers – I’ve been trying to work on number recognition and counting objects lately.  M seemed to enjoy this simple game where she matched up the number card with the card with the same amount of objects.


Popsicle name match – I have a number of different manipulatives created that help M work on spelling her name.  This popsicle name match wasn’t one of the more exciting activities we’ve done but she can tell spell almost her entire name without help!  Each popsicle had a letter on it and she had to line them up to spell her name.

Bible time – We read Noah’s Ark and the Tower of Babel these past few weeks.  While she enjoyed Noah’s Ark, the Tower story was a little over her head.  I imagine when we do the same stories next year she will have a much better understanding of them.

Fall crafts – we did a bunch of fall themed crafts in anticipation of going to the grandparent’s house last weekend.  No one like homemade pumpkins and fall wreathes better than grandparents.  They were a big hit!



Color/number wheel – This has been one of my favorite activities we’ve done so far, probably because of how much is incorporated into it.  It helps that M loved playing with it too!  She practiced working with clothespins, number and color recognition all in one.  I think I’ll be taking this one out a lot in the future.


Letter O activities – Our letter of the week worksheets continue to be a favorite for M.  This week we playing a few different games that worked on counting and sorting by size.



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