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crafts . all day . every day

M would do crafts all day, every day if it were up to her.  She loves getting messy with paints, using the glue stick or just coloring.  I try to do them with her as often as possible and am always on the look out for programs in town that involve crafts.  We go to story time at the library where she gets to do a story-related craft after reading and she will be starting a “messy art class” through the town’s Park and Rec center next week.

I figure the more crafts I can incorporate into our learning time the better she will retain things.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I decided to wait until next year to start the weekly bible crafts.  However, we have been doing letter themed crafts each week as I introduce new letters.  She has really enjoyed turning the letter into different objects or animals.  I’ve had to learn to let her creativity be and not “correct her” when making these.  It’s been a learning experience for both of us!


A was an alligator
A was an alligator
E is an eagle
E is an eagle
I become an ice cream cone
I become an ice cream cone

With the arrival of fall comes pumpkins!  M had a blast decorating her first pumpkin of the season with the hubs and the result was this lovely creation.


In the coming weeks, we’ll do some fall themed crafts (apples, leaves, pumpkins!) along with our letters.  Stay tuned…

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