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Dinosaur Central

M has been a little obsessed with dinosaurs lately so we switched up the game plan this week to incorporate some dino-centric activities.  I picked up a Dinosaur Lit Kit at the library this week filled with dinosaur books, music, movies and activity ideas.  I’m planning to incorporate as much as possible over the next few weeks leading up to Halloween, when she will be…. a dinosaur.

We tried to keep the hubs involved by reading our dinosaur books on the couch before bed one night.  There is nothing M likes better than everyone together for family time. 🙂

This week we went to the Dinosaur State Park not too far from our house.  We hadn’t been before so I didn’t know what to expect.  The dinosaur exhibits and discovery rooms were a little over her head but I’ll definitely remember to go back as she gets older.  She had a blast running around the grounds with her friend though and loved following the dinosaur footprints that marked the sidewalk.

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We also spent more time focused on school at home compared to last week.  M asked multiple times throughout the week if it was time for school, which makes me really happy.  I’m glad she is enjoying the dedicated time we are spending together and creating positive associations with school.  Some of her activities this week were:

Color Sorting – she was given a cup full of wooden beads which had to be sorted by color into a muffin tin.  She did this and then continued to create variations of the game throughout the week.  Seeing how much she enjoyed using the wooden beads, I will try to incorporate them into our work more often.


Folding Washcloths – I gave her a stack of unfolded washcloths and after folding one together, asked her to finish folding them.  Not only does this work on her fine motor skills but it will provide a great assistant for the endless laundry we do!


Clothespin Name Game – This was another fine motor skill building activity that involved her clipping clothespins onto a card.  Each clothespin had a letter and she clipped them on in order to spell her name.  She had never used clothespins before and it took a little time before she grasped how to open/clip them.   She did pretty well with the order of letters considering her name is 8 characters long.  She confidently gets the first 4 letters before becoming hesitant with the last 4.  I have a number of different “name” games and activities created so we can work on her name one way or the other each week.

Letter “I” worksheets – she flew through the worksheets again and really enjoys them.  I will have to print out more sheets for upcoming weeks so she has more to do!  I had a counting game printed out to do along with the worksheets but M really did not like it.  She immediately asked to do something else, which I let her.  At this point, I don’t want to force her to complete any activity.  It did make me realize though that while she can rattle off the numbers 1-20 (with the exception of 16!), she is not very comfortable counting objects.

Bible Story – we continued reading through our Children’s Bible, this week learning the story of the snake who tempted Eve in the garden.

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