Tot School

Working out the kinks

Week 2 of school for us made me realize it’s going to take a few weeks until we are in a rhythm.  Instead of prioritizing school, I found myself pushing it to the bottom of the list as other things popped up.  After a busy weekend, Monday was used for catch-up – laundry, cleaning, food shopping, etc.  The rest of the week felt crammed as we prepared for the upcoming weekend, which included overnight guests and family in town for J’s baptism.  While we still found time for school, I realized I need to be more intentional with my planning.

I’m determined to show the hubs that we can homeschool and still provide our kids with all the social interactions they would otherwise get in a traditional school setting that I find myself putting too much value on “getting out of the house.”  Don’t get me wrong, I do make an effort to get out of the house almost every day for the benefit of both myself and the kids.  I also try to make sure our outing aren’t just going to the grocery store but allow M to get out her endless energy and interact with other kids (whether it’s our friends or random kids at the park).  But in doing this, I am forgetting to place equal value on time spent at home.  My goal for the upcoming weeks is to find a balance that allows us time for both school and activities without short changing either one.

Anyways, we did get some actual work done this week 🙂

M seems to really be enjoying reading a new bible story each week.  I decided to forgo the related craft and save it for next year when we start a more formal preschool curriculum.  Instead, I’m just going to use the stories to introduce her to God and the bible.  She liked the story of Adam and Eve but didn’t quite understand why the animals weren’t enough for Adam.  She can’t imagine anything better than a bunch of animals for friends!

Other activities included:

Lacing cards – I had tried to introduce the concept of lacing to M a few months ago and she was not interested.  This time however, after doing the first card together she took off!  She concentrated so hard to weave the string in and out of each card.  As she got more comfortable with the activity, she started getting creative and laced them in all different directions.  I had to remind myself not to “correct her” since there is no actual rule that says you must lace in order. 🙂


I introduced the letter “E” this week with our worksheets and was blown away by how well she did with the pre-writing sheets.  She loved doing them too and kept repeating them over and over again.  We played a letter sorting game too that helped her differentiate between capital and lower case letters.

M had fun sorting the capital and lower case E'sWP_20140917_17_22_11_Pro

She also explored a number of board books that were from the library.  I had kept these books separate from our regular library books so they were all “new” to her.  We cuddled up and read them together at first.  Later, I heard her telling the stories in her own words to her stuffed animals.

By far, her favorite activity of the week were the stamps.  She was given an ink pad, a few small stamps, blank paper and freedom.  Since it was children’s washable ink, there were no rules (within limits) and she had a blast.  She repeated this activity MANY times throughout the week.

What are your thoughts?

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