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off to the races

On Tuesday morning I asked M if she was ready for school.  She yelled “YES!” and ran to the dining room table.  And so our adventure began.  I put each activity out on a separate tray and we worked through at M’s pace.



M picked the bible for her first activity.
M picked the bible for her first activity.

I think her favorite part was reading the bible.  We focused on one story – “The Beginning” – all week.  We kept re-reading the story and talking about what it meant.  I was so proud of her when she proclaimed to the hubs one night that she learned at school “God created everything!”

My plan was to have dedicate school time, regardless of how long it lasted, three days a week.  What I didn’t expect was that M would want to do more.  So we did.  We spent extra time reading the bible and playing with some of the activities I had out for her.  I explained that school stuff had to stay in the dining room and was pleasantly surprised by how well she listened.  I also tried to make more effort to simply read with her.  We grabbed a stack of books and just sat on the couch reading multiple times throughout the week.  My goal is this eventually becomes a daily occurrence.

With a few of the activities, I was surprised at how quickly she mastered them and wonder if I will have to incorporate more challenging work throughout the year.  With her name match-up, she not only completed it in a matter of seconds, she counted down the remaining letters left in her name.  “Three letters to go, two letters to go, last letter….”


In my planning, worksheets were a wild card.  I had no idea how she would do with these, whether she’d be interested in concentrating on that type of work.  She liked using the pen to trace the lines, some she did herself and some she asked for help with.

Hard at work tracing

She grasped the patterns worksheet rather quickly too considering it was her first exposure to the concept of patterns.

She was so proud of herself (and rightly so!)

Some of the other activities she enjoyed were a color match up using pom poms (she could point out the correct colors but wanted to design a picture with them instead of sorting them by color) and a craft about the letter “A”.  Due to some great park weather, we didn’t get to work on the bible craft but I’m hoping to squeeze it in this weekend.

So that was it, our first week of school.  M and I are both excited to see what is to come…


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