Tot School

starting our “school” year

Tomorrow starts the first day of our “school year” and I’m using the term loosely because I’m not doing anything formal.  I don’t have a set curriculum or even specific days of the week we’ll be working on things. Even though M is at least a year away from needing a formal preschool curriculum, she is clearly ready to start exploring more.

I have a few general goals for the year but mostly I just want to introduce the idea of school to M and see how it goes.  In terms of specifics, my goals are:

  • Improve fine and gross motor skills through weekly activities (chosen with purpose)
  • Recognize all 26 letters and numbers 0-10
  • Recognize and spell her name
  • Introduce writing and cutting
  • Introduce math concepts through baking

My plan is to spend three days each week working on a variety of activities.  I have a rough outline of what I plan to include each week, including independent activities, crafts, baking projects, and bible stories.  Each week will also focus on either one letter or an upcoming holiday.  When selecting activities and projects, I’ve kept in mind an extensive list of competencies that all children should have before starting kindergarten.  Based on M’s abilities, I’ve incorporated both toddler activities and more structured preschool ones.

At the end of the year, not only do I hope she loves “school” time but I’m hoping she will have two compilations of projects to show off all her hard work.  Each week, we will work of crafts revolving around the bible story we read as well as the letter we’ve focused on.  My plan is to have them all bound for her at the end of the year as something to be proud of.  (They will also serve as a little hard evidence for my husband of all the work we’ve done :))


What are your thoughts?

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