Tot School

our caterpillar adventures

Our caterpillar’s arrived this weekend and M was so excited!  We been watching them very carefully every day to see if they’re getting “fatter and fatter”.  She’s very aware that they are growing up to become butterflies and can’t wait to see them.

They’re here!!


This morning we decided to make some pretend caterpillars to hang out with the real ones while they grow.  Some basic craft supplies we already had around the house and we were good to go.  As you can see, M took her painting job very seriously – making sure to get paint all over the caterpillar bodies.

Getting to work
Getting to work


Then we glued on some eyes and pom poms and ta da, our very own caterpillars.


As Morganna painted, I read her our new science book called From Caterpillar to Butterfly.  It’s geared towards young kids so it was very understandable, not that I expect M to start referring to our little science project as metamorphosis anytime soon.  I figure by reading and explaining the process she’s absorbing some of the more scientific aspects of it without noticing.

What are your thoughts?

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